About Us

“The Best Beef You Can Bite!”

barnrainbowFarming became a way of life for the Sawyer family in Scott County during the early 1870’s. 5 generations later the farm is still going strong, established by Harold & Gertrude Sawyer on the rolling hills near the river town of Princeton, Iowa in 1950. During the early 1970’s their son Norman and his wife Lorna Sawyer started selling Sawyer Beef; a natural corn and hay fed beef, to the local community.

And the tradition continues….

DadIBW 21-34-57In 2005 with the growth of a predominantly Angus cowherd their son Neal and his wife Lucie Sawyer joined the Sawyer Beef to continue the tradition of selling beef that has no growth hormone and no routine antibiotics to the local community.

Quality, local, products.

IMG_1148The Sawyer Farm is dedicated to providing locally raised beef, free of routine antibiotics and growth hormones. Throughout the years the #1 goal of Sawyer Beef has always been to produce “The Best Beef You Can Bite.”

Stop by the farm anytime, the cows would love to see you!

The best beef you can bite! Est. 1950